Cafe De Field

Cafe De Field

79/8 ม.1 ต.คอรุม
Amphoe Phichai, Uttaradit, Thailand 53120

Cafe De Field has quickly become my favorite Cafe and Restaurant in my community. The atmosphere is lush and welcoming, the drinks are chilled, and the sweets are oh-so delicious. I share iced tea with friends in their overstuffed armchairs, enjoy lunch adjacent to one of many water features, and spend lazy weekends working on my blog under the breeze of their air con. The draws to this place are countless.


Cafe De Field offers a wide variety of teas and coffee drinks, and the menu is written in English! My coffee-addicted friends tell me it is hard to find any coffee that isn't instant in rural Thailand, but my little shop has it all. Freshly ground coffee beans for everything from espresso to a mocha. My mom discovered her first latte here at Cafe De Field, and drank one every day for the rest of her visit!


The cafe and Asian-fusion restaurant offers a variety of dishes, from Thai staples like Khao Pat Kie (Fried Rice) and Pad Gaprow Moo (Basil Pork), to more western dishes like salads and sandwiches. The menu is all written in Thai with only a few pictures, but the staff knows enough English to walk you through it.

The Thai dishes here are pricier than the typical roadside, open-air Thai restaurant, 100 (~3USD) Baht compared to 40 Baht. But the foreign foods are quite reasonable.

My order is Salad Pak Goong Toat, *hii houa oak gone* (Deep Fried Shrimp Vegetable Salad *but remove the shrimp heads first*), with thousand island dressing. Now its just referred to "Morgan's Order."

Morgan's Order

I also enjoy many of the sandwiches. There is a tuna sandwich with shrimp eggs and cracked black paper that I like; the little orange caviar bubbles pop in your mouth. Surprisingly, I like the ham and cheese sandwich too - I substitute the ham for a fried egg and dress it up with some thousand island.

Tuna Sandwich

On long weekends, Cafe De Field has a Khao Soi Special. Khao Soi, popular in northern Thailand, is a rich creamy curry with boiled noodles, fried noodles, and pickled vegetables, often served up with a drumstick. It is my favorite Thai food, but living in the lower parts of the north, I rarely have access to it. So you can bet on long weekends I show up to Cafe De Field every day for lunch. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Cafe De Lish.

Khao Soi

Deserts at Cafe De Field are mini pieces of art. I try to get something new each time I go into the store. Most of them are made by local vendors. Croissant, brownie tarte, doughnut, a million different cake flavors, banoffee pie (made by the owner's mother), and so many things I have yet to try. Cakes are pricier than other places around town (70 Baht at Cafe De Field compared to 30 Baht at other cafes), but Cafe De Field offers the greatest variety.

Daily Dessert Spread

The best dessert however, is honey toast. Nearly half a loaf of what my mom would call "squishy white bread" is cubed, toasted, and smothered in butter. Served up with seasonal fruits, your choice of vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream, and a shot glass of honey, this dessert sometimes becomes my breakfast.

Honey Toast


Honestly, I really cannot say enough good things about this place. There's free WiFi. Indoor and outdoor seating available, with air conditioning inside and a beautiful atmosphere outside. There are two waterfalls, and a stream with koi fish that meanders through the property. Lush green vegetation provides shade from the hot Thai sun and numerous photo opportunities. Even the bathrooms are comparatively luxurious - clean western toilets, fully stocked with toilet paper, and hand soap that seems to never run low. 


An obvious rating of 5/5 pineapples goes to Cafe De Field.