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Andrea's Visit: After Class

When Andrea's Physical Education Class was over, she spent the rest of her time living in my community with me. That meant biking around town, shopping at the market, chores, dinner with friends, visiting the preschool, spending New Years with my host family, and traveling on the weekends.

Biking around town
As part of Peace Corps safety rules I'm not allowed to drive or ride a motorcycle, the main mode of transportation in rural Thailand. So in my community, Andrea rode a bicycle around with me.

Andrea and I biked into Phichai to the main Buddhist temple where you can make a merit by feeding fish and turtles. Coming to the temple to make a merit will help us have longer and happier lives.

My friend Pii Pekki met up with us at the temple and gave Andrea a ride on her motorcycle!

Market Shopping
Andrea wanted some fresh fruit, of which there is no short supply in Thailand. I took Andrea to several of the markets in my community where we picked up a ton of fruit.

Chores One thi…

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